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"where data becomes clarity and insights become action"

Revolutionizing the Battle Against Financial Crime through Technology

Are you looking for a way to streamline your business operations and ensure compliance with regulations? Look no further than IFS's cloud-based solutions. With features such as entity resolution and user experience optimization, IFS can automate workflows and optimize your team's performance. Plus, our commitment to integrity and consistency means you can trust our solutions to keep your business and customers safe. Don't let outdated processes hold you back - upgrade to IFS today.

Our Technical Solutions

New Account Screening, Alerting and Onboarding

Account Opening – Amplified validates the accuracy of the information the customer(s) provide at account opening.

Loan Origination Screening and Due Diligence

Amplified can identify high risk individuals among the proposed signers for the loan. 

Enhanced Investigations 

Amplified provides deeper insights at the beginning of your investigations, cutting out of all the manual data gathering and searching various sources, providing a consistent model for your organization.

Perpetual KYC and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Implementing a thorough preventative control as well as screen portfolio updates will maintain your risk standards and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Scorecard

In addition to aggregating and leveraging numerous publicly available information sources, CSC actively manages financial default information gathered from and extensively used throughout the investment industry. 

Non-Bank Financial Institutions

NBFI's have been asked to add a significant compliance process to their daily operations. Our screening and data syndication drives compliance while letting our clients focus on running and growing their businesses.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our API-based architecture allows us to integrate with your existing core, teller, lending and financial crimes platforms. If a batch upload is more suitable, that functionality is built in as well. Leveraging the power of data with the trusted processing of over 140 million entities, Amplified is your partner in building and sustaining your business.

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