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Strategic Staffing to Fight
Financial Crime

At IntegrAssure Financial Services (IFS), we provide effective and efficient investigation solutions with our Rapid Deployment Resources Teams.  Our teams include experienced and certified analysts, available to fight financial crimes when alert volumes spike, backlogs become unmanageable or when remediation actions are needed.

Our on-demand services allow your organization to remain compliant with AML/KYC standards. By using our resources, you can spend your time on the day-to-day operational needs or current and future project plans.



IFS helps both banks and regulated non-bank financial institutions with AML staffing.  Our Analysts are trained and certified to consistently disposition alerts as suspicious or not-suspicious and why or why not.  Our Rapid Resource Deployment Team will allow you to catch up and maintain an effective AML program.  IFS will augment your staff to deal with alert spikes, backlog adjudication, KYC/KYB, adverse media, and sanctions resolutions, or other remediation efforts. 



Our rapid resource deployment team helps Banks and Credit Unions reduce loses. We quickly and consistently disposition fraud cases in accordance with all rules and regulations.  Our Trained and Certified Analysts assist with spikes in alert activity stemming from debit and credit card, check, wire, and ACH fraud.


KYC/KYB Due Diligence

Our trained and certified staff help banks and Credit Unions identify “who and what” by verifying registration and identification of the customer’s occupation or business type.  We help resolve conflicts in Business and Individual Customer Information Program (CIP) requirements. IFS has dedicated resources to help you validate information for Individuals, Corporations, LLCs, Sole Proprietors, required licensing and Beneficial Ownership. 

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