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Our Mission

Assessing and mitigating potential risk, fraud, or unfair lending practices poses a significant analytical challenge.  Amplified addresses this problem by providing machine-aided analysis at scale.  Through this analysis, risks are quickly identified, and account and ownership risks quantified. Time and cost required to understand those risks are reduced and a single model based authoritative view of the relevant facts to help mitigate those risks.

As the demands of Financial Institutions increase, its critical to leverage technology enabled services to move faster, tech enable your staff and minimize losses and regulatory exposure. Amplified was built to help.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

New Account Screening, Alerting and Onboarding

Explore the descriptive statistics within the portfolio to understand the sources of risk

Loan Origination Screening and Due Diligience

See the total potential risk across a loan portfolio, quantified in terms of $ and loans

Enhanced Investigations 

Amplified providing deeper insights at the beginning of your investigations, cutting out of all of the manual data gathering and searching various sources, providing a consistent model for your organization.

Perpetual KYC and Universal Beneficial Ownership

Implementing a thorough preventative control as well as screen portfolio updates will maintain your risk standards and regulatory compliance.

Our Services

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our API-based architecture allows us to integrate with your existing core, teller, lending and financial crimes platforms. If a batch upload is more suitable, that functionality is built in as well. Leveraging the power of data with the trusted processing of over 140 million entities, Amplified is your partner in building and sustaining your business.

Our Partners:

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