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Identify. Understand. Mitigate.

Assessing Potential Risk, Fraud, & Fair Lending for Financial Services Assessing and mitigating potential risk, fraud, or unfair lending practices poses a significant analytic challenge. Amplified addresses this problem by providing machine-aided analysis at scale. Through this analysis, risks are quickly identified, and account and ownership risks quantified. Time and cost required to understand those risks are reduced and a single model based authoritative view of the relevant facts to help mitigate those risks is provided.


Machine Analytics At A Global Scale



See the total potential risk across a relationship, household or portfolio


Explore the descriptive statistics within the portfolio to understand the sources of risk


Investigate the integrated data down to the loan or borrower level and act as needed


Our rules engine screens customers at the time of account opening and drives compliance before the account is funded


Our API driven Sanctions and watchlist provides real time feedback of updates that will alert on changes to protect your organization

Amplified has aggregated over 30 commercial and public data sources into a single data asset, a Knowledge Graph. The Graph applies sophisticated analytics to automate risk identification and speed the process of understanding and mitigating those risks. Knowledge Graph enables the following unique capabilities:

• 140M comprehensive business entity records and relationships drawn from various commercial data sources
• Industry-best representation of complex ownership/partnership structures among the businesses
• Ability to ingest your proprietary data quickly while safeguarding it effectively
• Comprehensive multi-factor risk scoring system designed by risk experts, tunable to your organizations risk policies and appetite.
• Intuitive interactive dashboard and user graph interface that speeds understanding and mitigation of risks


We streamline the investigation process by orchestrating the data needed to resolve a case or alert

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